Control — N12326



N12326-Magadan Go ahead

N12326 Has anybody reported cloud prob in this area?



N12326 We have no information about clouds.

N12326 Do you have reports of ride? We’ve got to get out of this icing.



N12326 Say again, please.

N12326 There’s been pretty heavy icing. I’d like to get out of it. Do you have any .. any reports from anybody else?



N12326 What FL do you need?

N12326 I can stay at this as long as I can find some clear area somewhere. No clouds. Is there any reported…? Do you have clouds on your radar or not?



N12326 Roger. We have no reported about icing in clouds in this area.

And N12326 would like to deviate left 10 degrees due weather.



N12326 Cleared to deviate 10 degrees left of route.

N12326 Cleared to deviate left of course 10 degrees. Thank you.



N12326 – Magadan Control

N12326 Go ahead



N12326 Report intensity of icing.

N12326 It’s light rime but I have buildups of about 1, 5 inch.



N12326 Say again and speak slowly, please.

N12326 Light rime ice. I have a buildup of 1,5 inch.



N12326 Confirm light icing.

Confirm, 326



326, Roger


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