LESSON 3. Visiting museums – entertainment or education?

Ex. 2a – see the text in ex. 3a

Ex. 4a, 4b.


FAITH LAPIDUS: Americans love museums. We have art museums, history museums, car museums, train museums and space museums. Many are famous. Millions of people from around the world visit them each year.

Let’s take the Smithsonian museums across America! The Smithsonian is more than a collection of museums. It’s a research institution which makes its discoveries available to everybody. Admission is free to all Smithsonian museums and the zoo in Washington, D.C. Most museums are open seven days a week from 10am to 5:30pm, except December 25.

Today, many museums are interactive learning centers that give you an opportunity to explore and make your own discoveries, learn, and, yes, even touch some exhibits.

Children’s museums are just one example of these new interactive museums. The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the oldest museum of its kind, celebrated its one hundredth anniversary in 1999. By 1975, there were only about 31 children’s museums in the United States; today there are 200 children’s museums in this country.

I believe, nobody will argue that museums are places of fun. And today we tell about some unusual museums in the United States, which we can say are fun.

FAITH LAPIDUS: We have those other museums. The kind that make you ask, “Did they really build a museum for that?” Mario Ritter tells us about some of these unusual museums.

MARIO RITTER: It may be yellow, brown, grey, mild, or hot and spicy. We put it on sandwiches, on hot dogs… No American picnic would be complete without mustard.

People in the town of Middleton, Wisconsin love it so much, they built a museum in its honor. The National Mustard Museum has over five thousand kinds of mustard from sixty countries. You can even taste and buy containers of mustard in the museum.

If you visit the Banana Museum in Auburn, Washington you could learn everything you ever wanted to know about bananas. There are almost four thousand objects in honor of this favorite fruit.

If you are ever in Haines, Alaska you might want to visit the Hammer Museum. There you will find over one thousand five hundred different kinds of hammers. Dave Pahl started the museum in two thousand two. He says some of the hammers on display were used thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptians.

Or you could visit Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Museum in San Antonio, Texas. Yes, it is what you think it is! Mr. Smith says he has painted or decorated about one thousand toilet seats. Many of the seats have personal meaning to him. Some show his travels around the world.

FAITH LAPIDUS: Thanks, Mario. I’m sure you can tell more about different unusual museums in the US. I hope our listeners have enjoyed the program. Now our time is up. Good bye everybody. Take care.


Lesson 5. Is reading and watching films your leisure time activities?

Exercise 2a, 2b.


A. I’m the first to admit that I didn’t think I would enjoy this film. I went along to see it with some friends and was extremely surprised!

As others may do as well I don’t think much of James Bond films, however Casino Royal totally changed my opinion! This film kept me fascinated from start to finish. Seeing this film at the cinema is a must!! It tells the story of how Bond becomes a 007 agent and how he becomes the way he does. It’s got so many action scenes in it and so much is going on! It’s a truly brilliant film, I was certainly impressed and would recommend that everyone go and see it!


B. This film is too long, but definitely better than some of the other films that Costner has done. You can feel that this film has been aimed at Oskar awards, but I must admit that it’s exciting enough and well acted. It’s quite a long time since I saw Dances with Wolves, but I do remember being moved by the scenery as much as by the story…

C. If you haven’t seen Robin Hood, I highly recommend that you do.

No, it isn’t a masterpiece, on any level. Yes, I realise that Kevin Costner lacks a satisfactory British accent. But the movie is still fun.

This is a great fun family film that should go down as a classic. This is an action packed film, full of adventure. Its got a great plot with a great cast! A winner every time! I would strongly recommend seeing it!


D. The Tom Cruise and Steven Speilberg dreamteam is back in tandem once again for War Of The Worlds. This film, adapted from the H.G. Wells novel, is reportedly the most expensive film ever made. Imagination has always been in the heart of stories about ghosts, robots, creatures from a different world or travelling back and forth in time. If you have enjoyed movies like Twilight, The Lord of the Rings or Watchmen this film is for you.

But, I hate the way Tom Cruise’s character kept taking things into his own hands all the time, doing things by himself.

E. Gone with the Wind is a girly movie. There was so much talk about this film that I didn’t want to see it. But I got into it! I really liked it! The plot did attract you with its strong characters, who are full of conflicts. They are very well acted by Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable. There’s really good ending too, not the average happy end, but the one which had depth.

Lesson 9. The trip of my life.


CARD 1 (for clients)


Clients, think about the following:


1. Which climate can you experience?

dry   wet   cold   warm      mild   continental


2. Explain which country you should go to if you want to experience this type of climate and in what season

1. South Africa   2. Australia   3. Canada   4. the US      5. the UK   6. Belarus


3. Which activity can you choose?

walking / skiing / sailing / surfing / car racing / playing golf / mushroom hunting / going to the seaside / boating / hill climbing / mountain climbing / swimming / fishing / watching wildlife / bird watching , etc.


4. Which country and climate does the activity suit best?

E.g., the UK – walking / hill climbing, the US – sailing and surfing / fishing and boating, South Africa – seaside resorts / swimming, Australia – playing golf / car racing, Belarus – mushroom hunting / fishing / bird watching, Canada – skiing / watching wildlife, etc.


5. What’s the weather forecast for your holiday?





Lesson 9. The trip of my life.

CARD 1 (for tourist agency specialists)

You might recommend the following places to visit.


Discover Lake James, North Carolina.

Lake James offers a number of watersports to enjoy with friends and family. You can spend your days windsurfing, waterskiing, sailing and even surfing.

Lake James State Park

It is one of North Carolina’s newest parks on the shore of Lake James. Numerous outdoor activities for visitors are available, including sunbathing and swimming at the lake’s shore; boating, water skiing and fishing on Lake James; camping and walking on the park trails; and simply picnicking with family and friends.

A lot of facilities are offered: a reading cabin, picnic shelters, fireplace and barbeque grills, playgrounds and a lot of open space.

South Africa

Sunset Beach Guest House

Sunset Beach Guest House is an excellent all-included home where guests can enjoy seaside holidays in a relaxed atmosphere.

The luxury rooms have awesome views of the sea and beach.

Activities include deep-sea fishing, underwater diving, crayfishing and horse-riding along the beach.

Lesson 9. The trip of my life.

CARD 2 (for tourist agency specialists)

You might recommend the following places to visit.


Banff National Park, the Canadian Rockies

Enjoy Wildlife Safari in Banff National Park

You’ll travel through a variety of Banff landscapes, giving you the best chance to observe animals in their natural environment. You’ll learn about wildlife, their needs and their inter-relationships.

Your knowledgeable guide will teach you how the national parks protect animals and their habitat. This is a must do for all nature enthusiasts and animal lovers! This tour is seasonal and only operates from April through to October.

The UK

The Seven Sisters, Sussex, England

England meets the English Channel with abrupt ranges of white chalk cliffs. Nature seems to mirror at least a thousand years of prickly relations — as though England has been cut off Europe like a piece of cake.

The Seven Sisters are together one of the UK‘s wonders. These shining white cliffs are visible from miles at sea.

The hills behind the cliffs may seem to roll softly — but don’t be fooled. The Seven Sisters constitute one of the most challenging stretches of The South Downs Way. They make a wonderful site both for a walking tour and for a sea journey.

Lesson 9. The trip of my life.

CARD 3 (for tourist agency specialists)

You might recommend the following places to visit.



The Braslav National Park

The Braslav National Park is a unique place for recreation, tourism, fishing and hunting.

It is 55 km long and in width it is between 5 to 29 km. The total area of the park is 69.1 thousand hectares. The southern part of the park is mostly lowlands covered with forests. The major part of the area is occupied by different types of swamps. You can see several beautiful forest lakes here. Lake Boginskoye is one of the most beautiful in Braslav area. The forests here occupy 31 thousands hectares.

The pine-woods of the Braslav uplands are the most beautiful. The typical inhabitants of the forest are elk, bore, roe, squirrel, brown and white hare, fox, raccoon, wolf, marten, otter, mink. Out of the rare species, which are entered in the Red Data Book of the Republic of Belarus, there is the badger, lynx and bear

You can watch a lot of beautiful birds: swans, black storks, grey cranes, silver seagulls, etc.

The lakes of Braslav are rich in different kinds of fish.











Lesson 9. The trip of my life.

CARD 4 (for tourist agency specialists)

Design facilities for 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels. Use the following information:



All rooms offer bathrooms, direct dial phones, air-conditioning and heating, satellite TV, Wi-Fi Internet Access, a computer, fully-stocked bar fridge, safety deposit box and tea-and-coffee maker.

The hotel offers excellent services and facilities including several gastronomic options, a luxurious FITNESS CENTRE with an indoor pool, two outdoor swimming pools, gym, sauna, thermal spa, orts activities and children facilities.


Surrounded by the amazing natural landscape, the swimming pools are built in such a way as to create small islands, with tall tress and special Jacuzzi spaces. Umbrellas and comfortable sun beds complete the blissful picture, inviting you to relax.

Beach and pool towels are available against a deposit.

Sunbeds & umbrellas at the pool is for free and with charge at the beach.

JUST FOR KIDS: Fun for the little ones — separate fresh water children’s pool

Relax and lie in the sun while you watch the little ones splash around the children’s pool and make new friends at our playgrounds.

Baby sitting services available, at an extra charge.

Playground for children aged from 4 to 12 years old

Children’s disco and mini club with themed activities (ecology, recycling, healthy foods) – operating 7 hours daily

WATER-SPORTS CENTRE with pedal boats, wind-surfing (valid certificate required), canoes, catamaran sailing, water-skiing, banana boat, parasailing, scuba-diving (lessons available), boat trips

ALSO: Tennis court, tennis lessons and equipment (extra charge), beach volley ball court, beach football, multilingual animation: day and night entertainment, games room

Lesson 9. The trip of my life.

CARD 5 (for tourist agency specialists)

Design your menu for Belarusian tourists.



Breakfast consists of a delicious hot & cold buffet, while lunches, dinners & beach picnic baskets are prepared to your needs and tastes. (See Pupil’s Book, Year 8).






















Lesson 9. The trip of my life.

CARD 6 (for tourist agency specialists)

Remember and design safety rules, and think of clothes for a few different activities.


Example: Safety and clothes for a walking actiivity

Be aware of your capabilities. Start off with an easy route, with plenty of stop-offs, if necessary.

Make sure you are properly equipped.

Check the weather forecast. Take waterproof clothes and watch out for any changes.

Let people know where you are going. Mountain walkers, like solo walkers, should also consider leaving a route card, saying where they are heading and when they are due back.

Avoid hypothermia: wear enough warm clothing and take extra food and water.

Avoid sunburn, windburn and dehydration: wear sun hats and sun cream, and take plenty of water to drink.

Below is a guide to what you should wear.

Walking shoes or trainers might be adequate if they have good grip but they are rarely waterproof, so walking boots and a thick pair of socks are recommended for more demanding routs and weather conditions. They provide support for ankles and keep feet warm and dry.

Avoid jeans. Once wet they take a long time to dry out — when they are damp they will cool you down.

Lightweight, loose-fitting trousers made from synthetic material are favoured by walkers. Such trousers dry quickly and have handy pockets for carrying maps.

Several thin layers of clothes are recommended instead of thick sweatshirts or jumpers. You will need a good quality waterproof and windproof jacket during the winter months.

A rucksack is useful for carrying essential items such as: water, food, a compass and navigation equipment, a map, extra clothing.

For more demanding trips (hills and mountains) you should a first aid kit.

Lesson 9. The trip of my life.

CARD 7 (for tourist agency specialists)

Get ready to speak the advantages of different means of transport. Design a price list.


Ships. We offer modern ships noted for their speed, safety, and comfort, combined with unique travel adventure and fascinating views.

They are the fastest ships in their class, so passengers spend less time in transit and more time exploring.

The cabins are quite large, each has ocean-facing windows or portholes. All are equipped with private facilities, wardrobes, drawers, nightstands (тумбочка) and a writing desk.

Aboard the ship passengers can relax, watch wildlife, and socializing with other people.

The ships’ excellent chefs and professional kitchen staff serve a wide range of dishes to your taste.

The ships balance adventure with safety. There are new and regularly-serviced lifeboats and life rafts, as well as cold weather survival suits for all passengers and crew.

Planes. Travelling by airplane is the fastest. Remember that airplanes can help you save a lot of time for sight seeing.

At the same time, travelling by plane is convenient, quite comfortable and safe. On board a plane you are offered food, drinks and films to entertain you.

Travelling by plane costs more than travelling by train but it saves much more time.

   The only disadvantage can be that airports are generally outside the city and getting to and from them can be expensive.

Trains. Travelling by train is not so fast as by plane but it’s comfortable and not as expensive as by plane. And train stations are often in the middle of towns and cities which is where travellers often want to be.

Another thing travellers like is that they can sit on a train and relax, or take a walk. They can ask for tea or go to the dining car and have a good meal.

Besides, they can sleep comfortably through a long journey.


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